I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!
by David Volk

from Morocco, that is.

Mosque DoorwayWe didn't tell many people, but my wife and I decided to cash in our frequent flyer miles and go on a blow out trip to Merrakech. In fact, we even took a train from Rabat to Merrakech that I suspect was the Merrakech Express, but Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young weren't around, so there was no one for me to check with to make sure. Surprisingly, the conductors do not sing "All aboard, the trai-ai-ai-ain," so I'll just have to pretend it was. Not that I really enjoyed the full Merrakech Express experience. After a sleepless night packing, 14 hours of flying and scrambling to get to the station on time, I spent most of the ride fast asleep.

Heck, Cat Stevens (or whatever his name is) could have climbed on board and sang "Peace Train" with the entire Montovani Orchestra and I wouldn't have noticed.

The lack of identification on the train wasn't the trip's only surprise, however. After visiting Merrakech, Essouaria, Casablanca and Rabat, I can report the following interesting factoids:

--From a man who was just spent two minutes drinking water straight from the tap--

David H(appy to be here) Volk

P.S. Yes, I know, an election without Dave's rants is like a day without...well...Anita Bryant, I guess. Don't mistake my silence for a lack of interest. I was following the election even from Morocco, but my wife and I have been working on some family business that has been consuming a lot of our time and focus. In a good way. Rest assured, I'll be with you the rest of the way...except, possibly, for election day when I may be working as a polling place supervisor.