See Dick and George: a political primer
© David Volk

See Dick.

See George.

See Dick frown.

Frown, Dick, frown.

See George lie.

Lie, George, lie.

See their pet, Scott, meet the press.

Sweat, Scott, sweat.

Go, press, go.

If you find this simplistic approach irritating or offensive, I'm sorry. I just wanted to use simple terms they would understand to help our Republican friends understand why Bush's National Guard record is important because suddenly, after years of trumpeting how important service in battle was, they seem to have forgotten.

The truth is, it shouldn't be all that important. We were happy to elect a draft-dodging, marijuana-smoking, but-supposedly-not-inhaling kind of guy in office because, darn it, he was smart, funny and personable to boot. So, we weren't the ones who made it an issue during his campaign, you were. And now, it's come back to bite you in the butt.

In continuing with my effort to put it in simple terms that even Rush Limbaugh can understand, here's why we care.

If you make character an issue, you shouldn't be surprised when your opponents turn the magnifying glass on your man, then complain when he doesn't stand up to the test.

If you make honesty an issue, you shouldn't get upset whenreports keep coming out showing he fudged the facts.

If you make use of language an issue, you shouldn't be stunned when voters hear your man equivocate on what exactly he said and when he said it. (Yes, I know equivocate is a mighty big word. I'll make it easy on you, Rush. I don't want you to suffer pain when you get up out of your chair and have to go search for your dictionary. It means "using language in an effort to deceive.")
More importantly, if you make an entire party's patriotism an issue,you really shouldn't be all that shocked when someone shows how willing you are to defend your country down to the last drop of blood. As long as its somebody else's.

That ends our lesson for today.

From a guy who's having fun watching GW founder even if only for a short time.

Oh and a P.S. to GW's press secretary: Just saying that you've provided all the records and answered all of the questions on your boss's military service doesn't necessarily make it so. Especially when you haven't answered all the questions.