The Long Dark Tea Time of The Soul.. © David Volk

George W. Bush announces a new energy policy that calls for building larger refineries to process a dwindling supply of oil faster, and I just shrug.

Bill Frist and the U.S. Senate are about to exercise the nuclear option and end the Democrat's ability to filibuster judges, and I don't care.

In Kansas, school boards are re-debating the Scopes Monkey trial over the issue of evolution versus creationism (a.k.a intelligent design) while in Texas legislators have their panties in a wad because they've discovered suggestive cheerleading routines, and I can't even work up the froth to write a rant.

It's funny how the rest of the world doesn't matter all that much when someone you love is ill.

My mother, Lois Ackerman, was found slumped over the driver's wheel of her car in an airport parking lot last Tuesday. She had suffered a massive hemmorhage and sat in a closed hot car for almost nine hours.

She had emergency surgery and has been in intensive care ever since. She opens her eyes occasionally and looks around, but does not respond to commands. Her respirator tube was removed yesterday and she is breathing without support.

We have no idea what will happen next.

I have received numerous from friends and acquaintances asking what they can do for us.

Right now, just one simple thing.

Please, say a prayer.

And tell your closest relatives that you love them.


David Volk