Say What? (c)
David Volk

From time to time, I hear things that just make me wonder.

One of my favorite examples comes from when I was walking around Greenlake, a local park that’s always filled with people. I was just ambling, minding my own business when I heard someone say to a friend, “Even when I wasn’t selling drugs, I was still having fun…..”

Someone I know told me they heard a snippet that induced a lot of head scratching: “Well, she said she was speaking Lithuanian….”

Although you can dream up all sorts of stories where either of these comments could conceivably make sense, I’m still puzzled by one I heard on the radio a few days back.

As many of you know, I’m a talk radio fan (NPR and Air America) and I love listening to AM radio because, after all, the first two letters in America are A M.

Anyway, I was moving the tuner to my favorite spot on the dial (KPTK AM 1090 in Seattle), which just happens to be next to a religious station, when I heard this puzzler:

“Are your bowel movements longer and bigger than your children’s?”

Um….you know….not only am I not sure what to make of it, I can’t even dream up a story where such a question would make any sense.

From a man who’s just trying to increase his returns on his hogs,

David G(etting back to work now) Volk