State of Dis-Union
David Volk

fter listening to as much as I could stand of the State of State of The Union speech last night, I was reminded of something that happened during an international relations class I took in college.

Our professor, a man who looked a hell of a lot like Nixon henchman G. Gordon Liddy, decided to go to each lab section of his mass lecture class (on Mondays and Fridays we attended mass lectures, Wednesdays we broke into small groups that were taught by teaching assistants) and explain how the world worked as he saw it.

It was a fascinating speech, filled with facts we had never heard before and ideas we had never considered.

Then, once he had left the room, our teaching assistant, Frederic Torimiro, a man from Nigeria who was usually difficult to understand, got up, rolled his eyes and said the only thing no one ever had to ask him to repeat.

"And now, back to reality....."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

From a man who can't get back to work because he hasn't started yet

David G(etting out of bed late) Volk

P.S. While there's no way to possibly correct the lie-fest that was last night's speech (hell, it would take less time to mention what was true), if time permits today, I will try to send out a list of things to watch for that may keep this from being Bush's last state of the union speech.