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Urban Adventures
Urban Adventures

Inanimate Object Bungee Jumps. Satirical pro-war rallies. The Bob Dylan Holiday Choir.

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All We Are Saying Is Give War A Chance

It may have been a crisp, sunny autumn day in the Northwest, but change was already blowing in from the east like so much hot air and methane from the White House and the halls of Congress. Jim McDermott had returned from Iraq and was being called Baghdad Jim and people who were critical of the president were considered unpatriotic.

What better day for a pro-war protest?

Armed with placards and protest signs, members of the Seattle Cacophony Society hit the park at the north edge of the Pike Place Market to spread our message.

"All we are saying is, Give war a chance!" we sang as other members yelled, "Peace hurts profits!", "Exxon, not Enron!", and "Patriotism means never having to say you’re sorry." All the while the group carried signs bearing messages including "Peace Is For Hippies" and "W: More Than Just A Double Dip."

At first, typically irony-challenged, peace-loving Seattleites weren’t sure what to make of it. A few responded with obscene gestures, but soon even people with Green Party bumper stickers on their cars gave us the thumbs up sign. A few street people even joined our ranks.

After 90 minutes of singing "Give War A Chance", we closed by singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb/Bomb, bomb Saddam" to the tune of the surf music classic "Barbara Ann." Then we packed up or signs and went home, proud to say "A good time was had….by some."

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